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Events - Seminars and Conferences

Supervision of Auditors at a Crossroad - 29 April 2021

CIRSF's International Annual Conference 2020 - 12 November 2020

Public Debt Markets - Key challenges in a context of deepening the EMU, with IGCP - 14 October 2019

CIRSF's International Annual Summer Conference 2019 - 4 of July 2019

CIRSF's International Annual Summer Conference 2018 - 6 of June 2018

CIRSF's International Annual Summer Conference 2017 - 1 of June 2017

CIRSF's International Annual Summer Conference 2016 - 23 of June 2016

CIRSF's Anual Summer Conference 2015 - New Trends of Regulation and Supervision in the Financial Sector, 25 June 2015

O papel dos Actuários na Supervisão Financeira de Seguros e Fundos de Pensões, 1 June 2015

Evolution of Economic Regulation on both sides of the Atlantic, 4 May 2015

 The Evolution of the Pensions in the EU: The Spanish case and the situation in Portugal, with the Instituto de Seguros de Portugal and APFIPP, at Auditório do Instituto de Seguros de Portugal, 6 November 2014 - Programme
"Las Reformas del Sistema de Pensiones Español: Efectos sobre la Sostenibilidad", José Enrique Devesa Carpio and Inmaculada Dominguez Fabian
International Seminar CIRSF and Jean Monnet Chair , 9 July 2014, on the evolution of the sovereign debt markets since 2010

Annual Conference of CIRSF , 19 June 2014, with the Scientific partnership of the Bank of Portugal and of the Institute of Insurance of Portugal, also with the support of the Jean Monnet Chair in EU Economic Regulation of Universidade de Lisboa

Intervention of Luís Silva Morais at Master of Law Seminar Series, organized by the Law School of the University of Macau, on "International Economic Crisis - Causes of the Crisis and Consequences in terms of Competition Policy", 9 January 2013 – see here the presentation.

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