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Books and Papers

Different books and papers relevant for the regulation and supervision financial area

Pandemic Crisis and Financial Stability, edited by Christos Gortsos and Wolf-Georg Ringe, EBI, 2020
Judicial Review in the Banking Union and in the EU financial architecture, Conference organized by Banca d'Italia and European Banking Institute, n.º 84, June 2018
Daniel Calvo, Juan Carlo Crisanto, Stefan Hohl and Oscar Pascual Gutiérrez: "Financial Supervisory Architecture: What has changed after the crisis?", FSI Insights on Policy Implementation n.º 8, April 2018
Mirzha de Manuel / Karel Lannoo Rethinking Asset Management: From Financial Stability to Investor Protection and Economic Growth", (Report of a CEPS-ECMI Task Force, Centre for European Policy Studies, European Capital Markets Institute, Brussels, 2012
Nicolas Véron Financial Reform After the Crisis: An Early Assessment, Bruegel working paper, n.º 2012-01, Brugel, Brussels, Jan. 2012
James Barth / Gerard Caprio Jr. / Ross Lenive, Guards of Finance: Making Regulators Work for Us, The MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass., 2012
René Smits, "European supervisors in the credit crisis: Issues of competence and competition", in Mario Giovanoli & Diego Devos (eds.) International Monetary and Financial Law. The Global Crisis, Oxford University Press, Oxford / N. York, 2011, pp. 305-328
Luís Máximo dos Santos, "Nos 10 anos da União Económica e Monetária: O princípio da independência dos Bancos Centrais no âmbito do SEBC", in AA VV, Estudos em Homenagem ao Prof. Doutor Paulo de Pitta e Cunha, vol. I, Almedina, Coimbra, 2010, pp. 567-592 
José Renato Goncalves, O Euro e o Futuro de Portugal e da União Europeia (The Euro and the Future of Portugal and the EU), Wolters Kluwer Portugal – Coimbra Ed. 2010 (910 pp.)
  The Financial Crisis and Reform of Regulation of the Financial Sector – in US-Portuguese Law Annual Conferences, published with the support of Luso-American Foundation - Forthcoming in 2013

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