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Jean Monnet Chair

Jean Monnet Chair - Research areas

I. Prudential Supervision as part of the Reform of Financial Regulation in the EU After the Financial Crisis – in particular, MACRO-PRUDENTIAL SUPERVISION oriented towards Systemic Risk (evolution and further specification of the core-area of research in the course of this Research project started in 2012 and oriented, inter alia, towards a new academic dissertation - 'Agregação', in view of obtaining 'Cátedra/Chair' of Economic and EU Law at Lisbon Law University- FDL) - This Research project has largely evolved from the previous academic year in terms that ensure an original combination of scientific research activities with intensive collaboration of key stakeholders in this area, namely Supervisory and Regulatory Authorities of the Financial Sector, the Directorate-General of Consumers in Portugal and other stakeholders (consumer associations). This evolution in the course of the academic year 2013-2014 of the aforementioned global RESEARCH PROJECT has led to fundamentally related initiatives, comprehending, in particular:

II. Research Project related with Jurisprudence in the Areas of competition law and economic regulation (comprehending EU law and Competition and economic regulation law from Portugal and Spain - Research project which is currently supporting a Databasis of Selected Case Law with Expert Commentaries - this Databasis working in connection with Training Courses for Portuguese Judges in competition law – Second Cycle of Courses of EU Competition law for Judges initiated in the first semester of 2012, with the support of DGCOM of the European Commission and also with the active support of the Portuguese Competition Authority and the Portuguese School of Judicial Magistrates (‘Centro de Estudos Judiciários’). and

III. Initiation of Projects in connection with Project II supra concerning an overall review of cases of Private Enforcement of Competition Law in Portugal, as per the Projects envisaged in this domain by the European Commission (a first part of that Research is originating a cycle of Articles on this topic to be published in Competition & Regulation Review – C&R (of which I am Co-Director) – launched through a Protocol of Scientific Cooperation between IDEFF (Institute of Economic Financial and Tax Law of Lisbon Law Faculty) and the Portuguese Competition Authority

IV – Re-launch on a new institutional basis and in connection with this Jean Monnet Chair on Economic regulation of a Research Centre on Regulation and Supervision of the Financial Sector (CIRSF), with the establishment of a Scientific Association related with this Chair (of which the holder of the Chair is Chairman) and that has entered into Protocols of Scientific Cooperation with the Bank of Portugal and the Institute of Insurance of Portugal (Supervisor of Insurance and Pension Funds in Portugal), also maintaining regulat ties of cooperation with the ECB in Frankfurt and the Portuguese Agency of Sovereign Debt (IGCP) – The Purpose of CIRSF is to develop independent research activities in this domain following the main trends of reform of financial regulation and the building of the European Banking Union, also holding international conferences and workshops and envisaging the production of E-papers resulting from such scientific events. CIRSF will briefly launch a dedicated thematic WEBSITE (

V. Co-Director of the Review of Competition and Economic Regulation (C&R), developed on the basis of a process of scientific cooperation with the Portuguese Competition Authority (PCA), to be extended in the course of 2014 to other Portuguese Regulatory Authorities (with these activities of Co-Director of C&R as from the first semester of 2014 being exercised on the basis of a personal invitation of the PCA, as an independent Director – the other Director of C&R being indicated by PCA) – in that capacity coordination of Special Thematic Files of Research to be regularly published in C&R –during 2013/2014 C&R has published thematic files on Competition and Regulation of the Digital World and on Crimes and Misdemeanours in the area of economic regulation and competition.

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