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Jean Monnet Programme - About Us

The President of CIRSF’s Board, Professor Dr. Luis Silva Morais, has coordinated several Jean Monnet projects. and, accordingly, ‘Jean Monnet Activities’ supported by the European Commission correspond to an essential dimension of his  scientific activity in the field of EU law and EU integration.

The Jean Monnet Chair – Economic Regulation in the European Union, attributed in July 2009 by the European Commission within the Jean Monnet Program on the basis of a project submitted and coordinated by Professor Doutor Luís Silva Morais (who has held this Chair within Lisbon University/UL) essentially purports to develop studies on European integration focusing on the structures of economic regulation that have been a key pillar of this integration process and of the models of economic integration gradually generated by the evolution of the EU (as an intrinsically regulatory structure ‘par excellence’). 

Professor Luis Silva Morais also presented and coordinated a Jean Monnet project in 2012 on the major reforms of financial regulation in the wake of the financial crisis, which included a cycle of seminars and an international conference.

In 2018, a new Jean Monnet project presented and coordinated by Professor Luis Silva Morais’ was selected for an annual grant. The aim of the project is to reflect on the General Theme of Overall Reform of the Governance of the European Monetary (EMU) (European Monetary Union) – The interplay between the monetary budgetary pillars of EMU, the completion of European Banking Union and of the Capital Markets Union.