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Research Team

Principal Researchers of the CIRSF, with access and intervention in the Member Area of this website,  where they may produce commentaries or discussing papers on the current issues in the regulation and supervision in the financial sector, or publish other information on the research activities in this particular area or even comment Draft Papers of other researchers in the Member Area for online discussion (that may be published totally or partially in the non membership areas of CIRSF’s website or that may be turn on public through other activities of the CIRSF).


  Prof. Dr. Armindo Saraiva Matias
Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa, Advogado especialista em Direito Financeiro
  Mestre Carlos Costa Pina (FDL)
  Prof. Doutor Fernando Borges Correia de Araújo
Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de Lisboa
  Prof. Dr. José Almaça
Researcher of CIRSF

Dr. Gonçalo Castilho
Director of the Legal Department, Banco de Portugal

  Mestre José Manuel Bracinha Vieira
Researcher of CIRSF
  Dr. José Gonzaga Rosa
Researcher of CIRSF
  Mestre Luís Máximo dos Santos
Vice-Governor of Banco de Portugal
  Prof. Dr. Luís Silva Morais
Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de Lisboa

Jean Monnet Chair
  Profa. Dra. Paula Vaz Freire
Director, Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de Lisboa

  Prof. Dr. Samuel da Rocha Lopes
EBA - European Banking Authority
Nova SBE - Nova School of Business & Economics, Lisboa, Portugal.
Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark
Bank Sector Analyst at European Banking Authority

  Mestre Sérgio Gonçalves do Cabo (FDL)
  Dr. Ana Gardella
European Banking Authority
  Prof Dr. Dario Focarelli
Director General of ANIA
  Prof. Doutor Charles Goodhart
London School of Economics
  Prof Dr. David Lipton
Catholic University of the US, Washington DC
  Doutor Diego Valiente
Researcher of the CEPS
  Prof. Dr. Garry J. Schinasi
Independent Adviser for financial global policies and visiting professor of the Bruegel (Bruxelas)
  Prof. Doutor Jean-Pierre Zigrand
London School of Economics
  Prof. Doutor Gerard Caprio
Chair of the Center for Development Economics at Williams College
  Prof. Doutor Gustaf Sjoberg, Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law
Associate professor na Stockholm University / Financial Markets Law
  Prof. Dr. Harald A. Benink
Universidade de Tilburg
President of the European Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee
  Prof. Dr. Karel Lannoo
Executive Director of the CEPS
  Martin Aehling
Director de FRS Financial Risk and Stability Network
  Dr. Michael Taylor
Former member of the Financial Stability Board (Basel)
Director of Moody’s
  Dr. Nicolas Véron
Bruegel Brussels /Peterson Institute - Washington
  Prof. Dr. Pedro Gustavo Teixeira
General Secretary to the Supervisory Board Secretariat - Single Supervisory Mechanism
Visiting Professor of the Institute for Law and Finance - Goethe Universität - Frankfurt am Main
  Prof. Doutor Peter Nyberg
Doctor of Political Sciences (Economics), Åbo Akademi, Finland
  Prof. Dr. Pierre-Henri Conac
Université du Luxembourg
European Corporate Governance Institute Research Associate
  Prof. Dr. René Smits
Professor Economic and Monetary Union Law at the University of Amsterdam
  Prof. Dr. Rodrigo Olivares - Caminal
Queen Mary University London
  Prof. Dr. Rosa Lastra
Queen Mary University London