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CIRSF's Annual International Conference 2021

The Financial System and the European Economic Recovery

Overcoming the Covid-19 systemic schock and current challenges of the Banking Union and of the Capital Markets Union

30 September 2021

CIRSF (Research Centre on Regulation and Supervision of the Financial Sector), based in Lisbon, holds on the 30 th September 2021 its usual Annual Conference which purports to take stock of the major developments and trends each year in the field of regulation and supervision of the financial sector. While we do expect next year (2022) to resume our usual physical format of the CIRSF Annual Conference and, accordingly, to welcome you in Lisbon, this year the Conference will still be held in a digital format. Together with our scientific and institutional partners (Bank of Portugal and Portuguese Securities Commission/CMVM), and in cooperation, as in previous years, with European Banking Institute (EBI), beside also actively cooperating with the Florence School of Banking and Finance of the European University Institute, and the Berlin based Financial Risk and Stability (FRS) network, we shall critically discuss the role of the financial sector in the post-Covid 19 European economic recovery and the tensions to which it may be submitted, looking ahead on how to pave the way to the completion of a true Banking Union, of a newly conceived Capital Markets Union and also decisively reforming the governance of EMU. For that purpose, and as usual in every annual Conference, we purport to bring together Regulators, high-level Academics and Stakeholders in these fields.


The Chair of CIRSF

Luís Silva Morais



Mário Centeno - Governor of Banco de Portugal
Gabriela Figueiredo Dias - President of CMVM
Luís Máximo dos Santos - Vice-Governor of Banco de Portugal
Luís Silva Morais - Chair of CIRSF

Watch de recording of the conference here.


Centeno diz que BCE deve manter a monitarização da inflação e estar pronto para agir - Dinheiro Vivo, 30/09/2021
CMVM defende que bolsa deve ser alternativa viável e atraente de financiamento da economia - Eco Economia Online, 30/09/2021
Centeno diz que BCE precisa conitnuar monitorando inflação e estar pronto para agir - Reuters, 30/09/2021
Mercado de Capitais deve ser alternativa "viável e atraente" de financiamento da economia - Expresso, 30/09/2021
Vice-Governador diz que BdP está a fiscalizar se bancos cumprem novas regras de prevenção e gestão do incumprimento do crédito - Jornal Económico, 01/10/2021
"É expectável que inflação abrande em 2022", defende Mário Centeno - Diário Digital, 06/10/2021


Nominal registration is mandatory for attendees (no fees or costs involved) through ONE of the following email addresses: ; ; or

Upon registration, an email will be sent by the Conference secretariat with confirmation of registration.

Closer to the date of the Conference, the secretariat will circulate a message, addressed only to those who have registered nominally as participants, making the LINK available for connection with the procedures developed through the TEAMS Platform and transmitting logistical information, including contacts and assistance aspects, for example, in the chat to post questions for questions and answers during the panels.