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CIRSF – Research Center on Regulation and Supervision of the Financial Sector is aimed towards promoting am in-depth, systematic and proactive analysis of the regulation and supervision of the financial sector, following an interdisciplinary approach (legal and economic), being as such particularly focused on the key reforms of this financial regulation and supervision undertaken in the wake of the international financial crisis of 2007-2009 (with protracted effects that have been generating multiple economic tensions worldwide and the level of the Eurozone, including tensions that have affected sovereign debt markets). At the specific level of the EU, CIRSF is committed to analyse and critically discuss the main building blocks of the so called European Banking Union (EBU) and of the capital marktes union (CMU). The project is based, in innovative terms – albeit having as reference experiences like the ones of the Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance, in Italy, or of the Centro de Estudios Monetarios y Financieros, in Spain - in an active scientific cooperation with the national authorities with key statutory responsibilities for regulation and supervision of the financial sector in the subsectors of banking and capital markets covered by the EBU and the CMUE (Bank of Portugal and Portuguese Securities Commission/Comissão de Mercados de Valores Nominais/CMVM) and with the European Central Bank and the European Authorities of Financial Regulation (ESAs), being also actively supported by the Jean Monnet Program of the European Commission, through the Jean Monnet Chair of Economic Regulation which is active within Lisbon Law University and other Jean Monnet actions developed with this Lisbon Law University as well.​


Scientific Partners

  • Banco de Portugal;
  • CMVM;
  • ​IGCP - Instituto de Gestão do Crédito e Tesouraria do Estado;
  • Comissão Europeia (Programa Erasmus +).

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